Tax Planning


 Have you ever considered that paying income taxes may be one of your biggest expenses? If I showed you how to save $15,000 a year in tax this year and every year going forward, what would it be worth to you? Before you answer, consider this:

As a small business owner, you take on all the risk, put up the capital to start the business, put in the time to make it work, and if you are successful, the government wants a big piece of your profits. And worse yet, if you fail, the IRS isn’t interested in being your “partner” anymore.



 How much do most small business owners pay in tax?

Marginal Federal Income Tax Rates          15% to 28%

Self Employment Taxes                                15%

State Income Taxes                                       5%-8%

Total Taxes                                                      40% to 51%



 Do you want to know a secret? Owning a small business is the ultimate “tax shelter” that allows you to legally arrange financial affairs to minimize taxes.

The tax code was written by Congress to promote small business and allow for certain deductions, credits, and loopholes that can save small business owners thousands of dollars each year. Reducing tax liabilities frees up cash flow so the owner may reinvest profits in the business, save for retirement, or enjoy a higher standard of living.

Our experienced tax planners will evaluate your tax situation and propose ways for you to significantly cut your tax liability. We will review your past three years of business and personal returns and develop a written plan to lower your taxes. Our plan is designed to restructure your business transactions to maximize every available deduction, credit, and loophole legally available. We outline multiple strategies, the section of the Internal Revenue Code that allows it, and any Court Cases that may show additional interpretations of its applications. The plan also helps with overall compliance and developing an exit strategy for when you are done working.



High-Income Earners, Small Business Owners, Real Estate Professionals, and Professional Investors benefit most from tax planning. The more you pay in tax, the greater the potential for tax savings. 



It’s not uncommon for our clients to see a savings of $15,000 or more in the first 18 months. Tax planning is probably the best investment you can make in your business, as it saves tax, promotes compliance and helps audit-proof the business, and maximizes the value of the business.



Tax Planning requires a broad analysis of your personal and business tax structure and generally requires 10-30 hours of time to prepare. Our fee structure for the initial interview, research, publication, and review of the written plan are listed below:

Individuals...............................................Starting at $1500

Corporations...........................................Starting at $3000

Partnership & S Corporations................Starting at $4500

The Fee for Partnerships and S Corporations include the planning coordination with the Individual Return.

Additional fees may apply for implementation assistance, amended tax returns, or other the preparation of other documents.



We guarantee you a tax savings of 300% of the tax planning fee within the first 18 months. How can we make such a guarantee? It's because we will only prepare a tax plan if we believe we can save you money.Tax Planning Questionnaire and Fee AgreementTax Planning Questionnaire and Fee Agreement and return it to us two weeks prior to your appointment.

We will review the information you send us to help us understand your current tax situation, address any pertinent items on the questionnaire, and ask follow-up questions.

We will explain your tax return line by line and answer any questions you have.

We will estimate your potential tax savings under a tax plan.

At the conclusion of the session, you must decide if you want to continue forward with a tax plan or disengage. There is no obligation. However, if you continue with the tax plan within 14 days of your mini-tax planning session, we will apply your initial payment to the overall tax planning fee. 

The balance of the tax planning fee may be paid by credit card over three months.