Bookkeeping Clean-Up & Reconciliations by Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor

Quickbooks has become the standard for small business bookkeeping and provides seamless payroll and merchant payment systems. Quickbooks can be a powerful tool, but if used improperly, it will not provide the user with inaccurate information that often leads to overreporting income or underreporting expenses -- both of which means the business pays more tax than it should.

We provide discounted Quickbooks products and subscriptions.

We provide training in the use of Quickbooks.

We will help set up your Quickbooks and start tracking your business income and expenses.  Quickbooks is intuitive, and once set up actually learns how to categorize items over time as the program is being used. Thus, Quickbooks gets easier to use as time goes on. Our goal is to make sure the system is set up properly so that it doesn't learn to categorize the transactions incorrectly.

We will help you select and set up the Quickbooks Payroll systems best for your situation. Failure to maintain a proper payroll is the biggest compliance issue for small business owners.

We work with both Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online Platforms. Our preference is Quickbooks Online because we can monitor and fix issues in real-time rather than have the client provide us with an Accountant's Copy. Clients with more complicated bookkeeping issues are often better with the Desktop version.

Quickbooks Online is App driven and can be used on a PC, MAC, Tablet, or Phone.

As part of business tax preparation, we require a copy of your Quickbooks to verify the accounts have been properly reconciled and categorized. We also assist with adjusting entries when permitted.